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Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee

Purpose of committee

This Committee is recorded but not broadcast. Members of the public are welcome to attend in person and meeting locations can be found in each meeting page and on agendas. All Committee recordings will be uploaded as soon as possible and can be found here.

Terms of Reference:

Policy Review and Policy  Development

         Policy Reviews for all Council areas

         Policy development for all Council areas

Coordinate and manages all policy development and reviews.

         Set up ad hoc Policy Review Groups for pre decision scrutiny;

         Utilise the skills and interest of non-executive members when setting up PRG group’s membership;

         Set the terms of reference and ensure that the group work within the agreed parameters.

         Receive and approve final reports of the Policy Review Groups.

Consider the implementation of projects/ schemes/ legislation that impact upon the whole council.

Such as:

         City Deal;

         Change Programme;

         Fairness Equalities and Impact Assessments;

         Welsh Language Scheme;

         Wellbeing of Future Generations Act;

         Corporate Assessment;

         Public Engagement;

         Risk Register

         Performance Management Framework;

Scrutiny of Corporate plans, strategies and frameworks

         Consultation on Corporate strategies, plans and frameworks;

Such as

-             Corporate Plan;

-             Strategic Equalities Plan;

-             Director of Social Services Annual Report;

Consider the Draft Budget Proposals and coordinate the response from Scrutiny on the draft budget proposals.

         Consider the draft Budget Proposals from a strategic point of view. 

         Coordinate the comments from the Performance Scrutiny Committees on the budget proposals and ensure that there is no duplication within the comments;

         Consider the effectiveness of the budget process, and the public engagement process.

Manages Scrutiny Member Training

     Ensure adequate training is available for scrutiny members;

     Identify any training needs of scrutiny members;

     Manage Scrutiny Seminar list.

Approve and monitor the Scrutiny Annual Report

     Consider improvements that should be made within the scrutiny process;

     Approve the Scrutiny Annual Report;

     Monitor the implementation of the actions within the Annual Report.

Recommendations monitoring on Scrutiny Recommendations resulting from reviews

     Undertake regular monitoring of recommendations made by Scrutiny;

     Ensure that recommendations have been implemented appropriately;

     Assess the extent to which the intended outcome has been achieved;

     Determine if further work/ investigation/review is required following the initial recommendation.

Coordinate the programme for the Performance Scrutiny Committees

     Receive the meeting schedule, minutes from the Performance Scrutiny Committees and receive updates on the implementation of the work programmes.



Contact information

Support officer: Samantha Schanzer. Scrutiny Adviser

Phone: 01633 656656


Web site: