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NCC External Pressures Report


The Leader presented the report to colleagues which was a standing item.  Over the last two years, there was several global economic impacts resulting from the Covid pandemic, and the ongoing Ukrainian conflict which affected global supply of food, energy (gas and electric) and fuel.

The rise in the cost of living was not only impacting households but also impacting businesses in Newport who were facing difficult decisions to meet these costs.

It was important for those who were struggling to contact the Council who could provide advice and support individuals with their bills.


Recently, the Council established a task and finish group to deliver a co-ordinated response to the cost of living crisis in Newport, and develop long term solutions in partnership with third sector organisations to support vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

Newport Council was supporting the Welsh Government’s initiatives in the administration of a Council Tax Relief to households in bands A to D.

In addition to the funds made available to properties, Newport City Council would receive a further £1,249,653 which was to be distributed to residents by way of a discretionary scheme.

In the bid to tackle food poverty and alleviate financial pressures placed upon families during these uncertain times, Newport City Council were offering Free School Meals to all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who were in local authority maintained schools from September 2022.

The Council was also offering the Pupil Development Grant to help towards the cost of school uniforms and equipment.

Working in partnership with GAVO, Newport City Council launched the Community Food Organisation Grant of £100k. Organisations could claim up to £5k to support ongoing costs associated with the rise in demand on their services.


This report also highlighted how the cost of living crisis was impacting the Council’s finances.


Newport City Council continued to welcome Ukrainian families into the city who were displaced by the ongoing Ukrainian conflict, supporting them in finding safe and secure refuge.

Newport welcomed many Ukrainian families into Newport and helped them to settle into the city providing access to schools, healthcare and other services.

Due to the increase in people seeking asylum as a result of global issues, the Home Office announced a ‘Full Dispersal’ approach which required all Local Authorities to become asylum dispersal areas.

Newport City Council would work alongside the Strategic Migration Partnership to consider the impact of these plans on Newport.


In addition to this scheme, changes were imposed upon the National Transfer Scheme for Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (UASC). In August the Home Office announced the expansion of the scheme for all Local Authorities, which resulted in further pressure on placements for children across Newport.

The Council’s Teams and Services continued to work above and beyond to collaborate and work together to ensure individuals and families were fully supported and advice is readily available.




Cabinet considered the contents of the report on the Council’s activity to respond to the external factors on Newport’s communities, businesses and council services.

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