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Welsh Language and Annual Report


The Leader introduced the report advising colleagues that Council was required to report annually on its progress in complying with the Welsh Language Standards under the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011. 


The annual report provided an overview of the Council’s progress in meeting the Standards, included information required by law to be published on an annual basis, a summary of key achievements during the year, and priority areas for future work. 


Highlights for 2021-22 included:  


·        Our work with our refugee, migrant, and minority ethnic communities to better embed Welsh language as part of a shared sense of identify across the city, particularly in the context of the development of our fourth Welsh medium primary school.

·        We improved, developed, and began to deliver a new Welsh Language Skills Policy. Processes have now been implemented and put in place to allow delivery next year. 

·        We engaged and consulted with key stakeholders and our communities to inform the development of our new five year Welsh Language Strategy which was passed with the full support of Council.

·        We developed creative partnership arrangements outside of the public and voluntary sector to raise the profile of the Welsh language across Newport. This included working with the Dragons Rugby and Newport County AFC to promote the Welsh language.


The report also identified priorities for the next reporting period, including:


·        Continued work with stakeholders and partners to deliver the new five year Welsh Language Strategy and embed a performance monitoring framework to assess delivery of objectives

·        Further engagement with Newport’s diverse communities to promote the Welsh language, raise awareness and visibility of the language, and continue to develop Welsh medium education and the inclusivity of the language

·        Embed our new performance management structure across the council

·        Roll out of newly developed Welsh language training videos to all staff

·        Continued scope and consideration of Welsh language courses for lapsed speakers, or those that needed a confidence boost


The Leader invited Councillor Hughes to say a few words.


Sylwadau Cabinet y Cynghorydd Hughes


'Fel yr Hyrwyddwr Aelod Etholedig dros y Gymraeg am y llynedd rwy'n falch o gefnogi gwaith ein swyddogion wrth hyrwyddo'r Gymraeg ac wrth godi proffil y Gymraeg o fewn y cyngor ac ar draws ein cymunedau.


Drwy fod yn rhan o'r broses Grant Cymraeg yn y Gymuned roedd yn arbennig o galonogol gweld faint o ddiddordeb a cheisiadau eithriadol gan grwpiau cymunedol ledled Casnewydd i gynyddu'r defnydd o'r Gymraeg, ei hymwybyddiaeth a'i gwelededd ar draws holl ddinasyddion Casnewydd gan gynnwys y rhai sy'n newydd i’r Ddinas a Chymru.


Mae'r adroddiad yn tynnu sylw at rai meysydd o gynnydd gwirioneddol ynghyd â rhai blaenoriaethau allweddol ar gyfer y flwyddyn nesaf a thu hwnt ac edrychaf ymlaen at weld sut mae'r Gymraeg yn cael ei chroesawu gan holl ddinasyddion Casnewydd, a sut mae ein gweledigaeth o 'Gweld, Clywed, Dysgu, Defnyddio, Caru' yn cefnogi'r Gymraeg fel iaith fyw ym mhob rhan o fywyd ar draws y Ddinas' 


‘As Elected Member Champion for Welsh language for last year I am proud to support the work of our officers in promoting the Welsh language and in raising the profile of Welsh within the council and across our communities.


Through being involved with the Welsh in the Community Grant process it was especially encouraging to see the amount of interest and exceptional applications from community groups across Newport to increase the use, awareness, and visibility of the Welsh language across all Newport citizens including those new to the City and Wales.


The report highlights some areas of real progress along with some key priorities for the next year and beyond and I look forward to seeing how the Welsh Language is embraced across all Newport citizens, and how our vision of ‘See, Hear, Learn, Use, Love’ supports Welsh as a living language in all parts of life across the city’ 


Comments of Cabinet Members:


§  Councillor Batrouni commended Councillor Hughes on his role as previous champion for the Welsh Language.  As current Champion for the Welsh Language, Councillor Batrouni hoped that the Welsh Language would be delivered to the City.  Additionally, the ‘Say Something in Welsh’ App was available.


§  The Deputy Leader commended the work of officers and education officers for the tremendous work that had gone into this report.  Extremely positive work had also came from the Welsh Language Officers.



Cabinet approved the final monitoring report and published it on the Council’s website, in accordance with statutory deadlines.

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