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Post EU Transition Report


The Leader presented to Cabinet an update on the post EU Transition and wider economic and global challenges impacting Newport’s communities and economy


Since the last report in April, households and businesses were continuing to see increases in their general cost of living.

Inflation was reported at 7.8% to April 2022 and was expected to continue rising.  Businesses were also having to pass on increased costs to the consumer.

Many low to middle income households were having to make very difficult decisions between food, utility bills and transport. 


The UK energy regulator Ofgem already indicated that the fuel cap would rise to £2,800 in October.


The Council’s Council Tax team encouraged households in bands A to D to claim the £150 cost of living payment. 


A further announcement would be made by the Council on the provision of an additional £1.2m support for most vulnerable households.


The Welsh Government’s campaign ‘Claim What’s Yours’ was also available for people to access benefits to assist them with the help they needed.


Newport Council was also offering a £500 payment for unpaid carers who look after someone for 35 hours or more and were on low incomes. 


Businesses in the City were also able to claim rate relief from the Council.  Grants were also available to start up and existing businesses.


Council made £100k available earlier in 2022 to support the City’s foodbanks.  Newport Council was now working in partnership GAVO offering capital grants for foodbank and community organisations to deliver food security projects. 


Cardiff Capital Region was leading on delivering the UK Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund.  Newport City Council was developing its local investment plan to support the delivery of local priorities for communities across Newport.  A further announcement would be made in due course by this Cabinet on the Plan.


The Leader turned to the citizens of Newport, a city that recognised the contribution of its residents in making Newport a rich, diverse and inclusive place to live.  Citizens had been welcomed from across the world and supported those seeking refuge and safety in Newport and Wales.


The Council and its partners continued to support EU/EAA citizens with their Settled Status claims and ensuring citizens were able to access the services they need.


The war in Ukraine caused the displacement of many tens of thousands of Ukrainian people from their homes.  Ukrainians arriving in Newport and Wales were being supported by the Council, health, school, and community groups to settle in the city.  In the last month Newport Council and partners approved 80 visa applications issued in connection with 52 active Ukrainian placements across 22 sponsors.


Council services had undertaken additional responsibility, helping to process applications, complete necessary safeguarding checks and administer financial payments to host and Ukrainians. 


The Council’s schools also welcomed Ukrainian children into their school communities and helped them to settle into the schools.


The Leader thanked everyone that opened up their homes to accommodate Ukrainian families during this time of crisis.  Also outstanding achievement from local charity and Leader was involved in this project and visited a celebration event from the Women of Newport and as Leader it was a great opportunity to be invited to open the doors of the Westgate Hotel that represented democracy in Newport.  It was such a privilege and the Leader was truly humbled by the support from the people of Newport.


Comments of Cabinet Members:


·        Councillor Hughes echoed comments of the Leader and referred to a recent event he and his Cabinet Member job share colleague, Cllr Marshall attended which supported the Hungarian Community in Newport.  It was informative to see how well they had settled in Newport and their children were learning Welsh.  The community also supported Ukrainian evacuees and they appreciated the support from Newport City Council.



Cabinet considered and noted the contents of the report and would receive updates from officers as part of their portfolio.

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