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Covid Update Report


Since the last report in April, the Leader advised that the Welsh Government announced the removal of the last legal restrictions for people to wear face coverings in health and care settings.


People were still being asked to self-isolate if they displayed symptoms and/or test positive for covid. Vaccinations were offered to over 75s who could still receive the vaccine if they had not done to date. Further vaccinations would be offered in the autumn for residents in care home settings (including staff), frontline health and social care workers and adults aged 65 and over; and those in clinical risk group (16 to 65).

Covid financial support for those self-isolating and unable to work from home would be coming to an end at the end of June.  Other financial support was continuing to be offered to households and businesses that were struggling post pandemic and through the increasing cost of living. 

Various schemes were available from the Council and Welsh Government for households and businesses to access. On behalf of this Cabinet and Councillors across Newport, people were encouraged to contact the Council if they were struggling or required assistance.


Restrictions at Council buildings were removed in line with Welsh Government guidance.  Office based staff were still encouraged to work from home and to only work at Council buildings if it was necessary.

The Council’s New Normal project is finalising its policy and procedures to fully undertake hybrid and flexible working. 

The Council welcomed new and existing Councillors following the local elections and successfully conducted its first hybrid Council meeting.  Cabinet looked forward to future scrutiny and regulatory meetings using this technology.  


The Leader invited Cabinet Members to highlight work in their portfolios:


Comments of Cabinet Members:


·        Councillor Harvey stressed that members of the public must try to apply for some form of benefit if they were struggling and to contact the council as a matter of priority.  The Cabinet Member thanked all the teams and officers for their help for the last two years, adding that people must never take their friends and family for granted and neither must Cabinet take officers for granted.  The Leader echoed comments and thanked previous Cabinet colleagues in their responses and actions to the unprecedented situation.


·        Councillor Davies also echoed the Leader’s and Councillor Harvey’s thanks.  There was concern during last year that exams would not go ahead however, they were now in full swing and it was tough at the time for pupils as they did not have the opportunity to access education in the normal way.  Supportive measures were in place by the WG and Councillor Davies was pleased to report that across Newport, exams were going really well. The Cabinet Member thanked staff in Newport schools who helped pupils to take their next steps.


·        Councillor Marshall attended a foster carers event and where he received positive feedback about the council over the course of the last two years.


·        Councillor Lacey added that it was so nice to see the community out especially during the Jubilee celebrations and looking forward.  LL thanked Cabinet for their hard work over the past two years.



Cabinet considered and noted the contents of the report and would receive updates from officers as part of their portfolio.

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