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Welsh Language Five Year Strategy


The Leader informed colleagues of the recent death of the Welsh Language Commissioner, Aled Roberts on Sunday 13 February. Aled was a former Leader of Wrexham Council and an Assembly Member for North Wales region in 2011.


The Leader presented the report to council which was subject to a number of Welsh Language Standards, imposed by the Welsh Language Commissioner. Standard 145 placed an obligation on the council to publish a five-year strategy which set out how we proposed to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language in Newport.


The Standards also required that the Strategy includes a percentage target for increasing or maintaining the numbers of Welsh speakers in the area and a statement setting out how this would be achieved.


This was the second Welsh Language Promotional Strategy which built on the links, good work and progress made over the last five years.


This Strategy represented an evolution from the 2017/22 plan, with a focus on delivering a vision for the Welsh language in Newport that included all of its diverse communities, working in partnership with key stakeholders and meeting its statutory obligations.


The Strategy reflected Newport as a Welsh city with rich multicultural, multilingual communities, celebrating the Welsh language as part of our shared identity, and increase opportunities for everyone to see, hear, learn, use and love the national language.


Welsh language work across a range of areas included the new Welsh in Education Strategic Plan and work with Public Service Board partners through the Right Skills Board.


The Council continued its commitment to develop internal structures and policies to support staff who wished to learn Welsh, or to use their skills in the workplace.


This Strategy provided drive and focus for the next five years as Newport continued to raise the profile of the Welsh language, supporting Welsh Government reach its target of 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050.


The Leader moved the acceptance of the Welsh Language Strategy and invited Cllr Jason Hughes, Welsh Language Member Champion to second the motion and comment:


Mae’rstrategaeth yn. Cyflwyno gweledigaeth y cyngor ar gyfer yr iaith gymraeg Yong Ngasnewydd-

Bod pawb yn gallu gweld; clywed; disgu, defnyddio a caru Cymraeg.


Er bod ein targed ar gyfer twf yn canolbwyntio ar addysg, rydym yn cydnabod bod angen uchelgais ehangach ar gyfer y Gymraeg yng Ngasnewydd er mwyn gwneud yr iaith yn hygyrch a gynhwysol fel y gall ein holl drigolion ymgysylltu a hi.


I gyflawni hyn rydym weds datblygu tair thema strategol syn canolbwyntio ar gymunedau addysg, diwylliant ac hefyd chyflogaeth a sgilliau.


Mae cypress o gamau gweithredu syn ymwneud ar themau hyn wedi cynnwys y strategaeth a bydd y rhain yn cael eu hadolygun barhaus, yn enwedig yng ngoleuni data’s cyfrifiad ( sensws) newydd a all dweud mwy wrthym am brofil ieithyddol Casnewydd.


Byddwnhefyd yn defnyddio strwythurau llywodraethu presennol I fonitro cynnydd y strategaeth gynnwys drwy ein bwrdd sgilliau cywir; grwp gweithredu iaith Cymraeg ac hefyd fforwm yr iaith Cymraeg yn y ddinas. Adroddir yn gyhoeddus ar gynnydd y strategaeth fel rhan o’n hadroddiad blynyddol ar y iaith Gymraeg a gyhoeddir fel rhan o’r adroddiad bob  blwyddyn ariannol.


Diolchyn fawr Arweinydd


In English…


The strategy introduces the Council’s vision for the Welsh language in Newport – that everyone is able to ‘see, hear, learn, use, and love’ Welsh.


Although our target for growth is education focussed, we recognise that we need a wider ambition for the Welsh language in Newport in order to make it an inclusive, accessible language which all of our residents can engage with.


To achieve this, we have developed 3 strategic themes which focus on Education, Communities and Culture and Employments and Skills.


A series of actions relating to these themes are included in the Strategy, and these will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, particularly in light of new census data which may tell us more about Newport’s linguistic profile.


The Council would monitor the progress of the Strategy, through the Right Skills Board, Welsh Language Implementation Group and Welsh Language Forum.


Progress on the Strategy would be published each financial year as part of an Annual Report.


No amendments were proposed and no comments were made. The motion was put to the vote and duly carried.



That Council adopted the Welsh Language Five Year Strategy.


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