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Covid Update Report


The Leader presented the report to Cabinet.


This Cabinet Report was an update on the Council’s and its partners’ response to the Covid-19 crisis supporting the City (Residents and Businesses) to comply with the current restrictions and progress in the Council’s Strategic Recovery Aims and Corporate Plan. 


Since the last Cabinet meeting in July, the Delta variant was the most dominant strain across Wales and the UK. 


Case rates for Newport and other areas in Wales remained high as restrictions have been eased allowing people to socialise more and undertake more normal routines.


It however remained important for people to continue to adhere to the Welsh Government guidelines wearing face coverings, maintaining social distancing (where possible) and being aware of people whether that was friends or family, that there were still vulnerable people who are susceptible to the virus.


Hospitals were continuing to see people being treated for Covid and as the summer break ended, people returned back to work, schools and universities the next few months would remain precarious as we saw what impact this would have.  As the Welsh Government stated, restrictions could be reimposed if the case rate, hospitalisations increased or new variants emerge. 


The vaccination programme continued to be very successful in Newport and across Wales.  The last month  focused on young people and those who had yet to receive their vaccine.   Cabinet could not stress enough the importance for all people eligible to have the vaccine to do so.  Not only did it protect but it also protected others around you.   


Many Council services continued to deliver to residents and communities across Newport.  And a significant proportion of Council staff continued to deliver face to face services.


The Council (staff and Members) would continue to work from home where they could.  Risk assessments were being undertaken in compliance with the Welsh Government guidelines to ensure that buildings, staff and the public could work safely.


Over the next few weeks, work would continue to deliver a New Normal business model and further updates would be provided in October.   


Throughout the summer break Community teams, schools, education and Newport Live have been supporting young people and their families providing various programmes and supermarket vouchers for free school meal pupils.


It was encouraging to see businesses and the hospitality sector return including the Riverfront Theatre.  The Council continued to offer grants to businesses to help them recover and Cabinet would encourage businesses to take up this offer. 


Many Council services had fully returned to normal operations offering face to face services (in line with Welsh Government Guidance).


The Leader was pleased to see the city centre revive such as the Riverfront theatre being opened.


The Council was also allocated £500k over the next two years to support community groups and projects.  The Council would be announcing further details in due course on how communities could apply and access this funding.  


The Leader reiterated the importance of adhering to the Welsh Government guidance, encouraging people from all communities to take up the vaccine.


Further updates on the Council’s progress would be provided next month.


Comments of Cabinet Members:


Councillor Harvey echoed the comments of the leader and reminded members of the public that they could still be infected even though people had been double vaccinated.  Councillor Harvey encouraged members of the public to keep wearing masks to keep each other safe.



Cabinet considered the contents of the report and noted the progress being made to date and the risks that were still faced by the Council and the City.


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