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Director of Social Services Annual Report


The Deputy Leader introduced the report, informing colleagues that the Strategic Director, as the designated Director for Social Services, had a statutory duty under the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 and as amended by the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016 to produce an annual report to the Council.


The report set out the Council’s Director of Social Services personal assessment of performance of delivering its social care functions during the preceding 12 months.  The report also covered the period 2021/22 and was laid out in the format prescribed in the guidance.


During this period the Council had seen a restructuring of its Senior Management team and the appointment of a permanent Director of Social Services. The delivery of social care during 2021 and 2022 was profoundly impacted firstly by covid and the restrictions of the pandemic closely followed by the beginning of the emerging cost of living issues.


In light of the particular strictures of 2021-22 the report reflected the challenges and changes of the period. Despite the significant issues faced, the Director of Social Services was satisfied that the Council continued to comply with its statutory duties.


Staff across all Social Services continued to deliver the majority of provisions face to face while embracing the benefits of hybrid working in certain key areas. The benefits of this way of working continued to improve and enhance practice.


The Deputy Leader was pleased to note that despite the difficulties of 2021-2022 social services staff were able to look beyond the relentless demands and also delivered innovative and continued development of services.


Councillor Marshall seconded the report.


Councillor Comments:


§  Councillor Cockeram was cabinet member when the report for 2021/22 was completed. The team was led by Sally-Ann Jenkins and Chris Humphries before.  Social Services had been going from strength to strength. There were however some issues being faced, such as the short fall in finances that was also seen in domiciliary care pay. The Presiding Member was disappointed that there were only four compliments that social services received in the whole year by comparison with other councils.  There was a need to record compliments in the authority, and said that the lack of compliments was  not a reflection on staff.


§  Councillor Hughes agreed with Presiding Member’s views and joined the Director of Social Services for thanking Councillor Cockeram and the former Directors of Social Services, Chris Humphries who was hopefully enjoying her retirement.  It was a difficult role to undertake, especially during the pandemic.  Staff went above and beyond to provide care in the city. Staff had adapted quickly and continued to remain innovative in their responses and they continued to be under immense pressure.  The Cabinet Member for Social Services thanked the Director of Social Services and officers for bringing the report to council.


§  Councillor Marshall reiterated the thanks for officers and their continued help, particularly coming out of covid.  Staff maintained an excellent service on behalf of the council. The Cabinet Member for Social Services also joined his colleague in thanking Councillor Cockeram and officers for their hard work and contribution.



Council received the Annual Report of the Director of Social Services, 2021 to 2022.

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