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Corporate Risk Register (Quarter 2)


The Head of People Policy and Transformation presented the report to the Committee, outlining that there were eight Severe risks (risk scores 15 to 25); six Major risks (risk scores 7 to 14); that were outlined in the report.  In comparison to the quarter one Corporate risk register, there were no new and/or escalated risks, and two risks had been closed. Three risks increased in risk score; one risk had decreased in risk score; and the remaining ten  risks maintained the same score.  No risks were escalated or de-escalated in quarter one.

As set out in the Council’s Risk Management Policy, Cabinet reviewed the Corporate Risk Register on a quarterly basis ensuring appropriate procedures were in place to monitor the management of significant risks. The Register was likely to change following the approval of the new Corporate Plan and priorities for service delivery.


Comments of committee:

Mr Reed queried the purpose of the green stars with ticks within the report.  The Performance and Research Business Partner advised that a glossary would be included for future reference; a green star meant that a project was on course to finish on time and a tick over the green start meant a project was completed.


Dr Barry referred to the risk around recruitment of staff for children’s services and staff absence, which appeared to be an issue throughout Wales.  Dr Barry enquired if there was any collaborative work underway with other Welsh authorities or the WLGA to address this.  Dr Barry felt that there should be more actions aimed at mitigating this issue in the medium term plan.  Finally in relation to out of county placements, Dr Barry questioned whether the Council be doing something to stimulate the local market, as issuing a tender m not answer the problem.  The Strategic Director, Transformation and Corporate suggested that whilst the questions were not for this committee, they were valid points that would be referred back to the relevant Head of Service for their consideration.


Councillor Cocks referred to the severity of the cutbacks Councils needed to make throughout the UK, and the impacts that this would have on services. Cllr Cocks flagged his concerns that this would increase risks in children’s services and other areas, and asked if the Committee adequate as to monitor these measures.  The Chair advised that the report provided the reality of the situation of the Council and evidenced that the governance process was identifying risks being highlighted which should provide assurance to the Committee that the issues were being highlighted. The Chair added that, as elected members, difficult decisions need to be made to decide the priorities as the financial settlement would not be sufficient to cover every requirement. The Head of People, Policy and Transformation added that the role of the Committee was to ensure that adequate processes were in place to ensure that risks were monitored, or tolerated if that was the most appropriate response. The Head of Service confirmed that although resolving these issues sits outside of the remit of the Committee, there are ongoing local and national discussions relating to the levels of risk Councils are facing.


The Strategic Director, Transformation and Corporate stated that potential reductions in budget was the next challenge facing local authorities following the pandemic and austerity. measures.  The Director indicated that the mitigation and tolerance of risks as set out in the report is key.



The Governance and Audit Committee considered and moved the contents of the report and

the risk management arrangements in place for the Authority.



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