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Corporate Plan 2022/2027


The Presiding Member invited to the Leader to present and move the recommendations in the report.


Newport Council was required as part of the Well-being of Future Generations Act to carry out sustainable development to improve Wales’ economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being. 


The Council had a duty to fulfil its statutory and non-statutory duties to support citizens, businesses and stakeholders.   This Plan prioritised the Council’s long-term strategic focus and met the requirements of the Well-being Act.


The development of the Council’s new Corporate Plan (2022-27) was undertaken between senior officers and the Council’s Cabinet Members through a series of workshops.


This Plan also considered the short and long term opportunities and risks to the Council, its residents, economy and environment. 


In the development of the Plan,  the Council consulted with residents on the Well-being Objective themes which were positively received. 


Over the next five years Newport Council’s mission statement would be working to deliver an ‘Ambitious, Fairer, Greener Newport for everyone.’


To support this goal, there would be four Well-being Objectives to deliver these strategic priorities:


1.      Economy, Education and Skills - Newport is a thriving and growing city that offers excellent education and aspires to provide opportunities for all.

2.      Environment and Infrastructure - A city that seeks to protect and enhance our environment whilst reducing our carbon footprint and preparing for a sustainable and digital future.

3.      Quality Social Care and Community Services - Newport is a supportive city where communities and care are at the heart of what we do.

4.      An Inclusive, Fair and Sustainable Council - Newport City Council is an inclusive organisation that places social value, fairness and sustainability at its core.


The next five years was going to be challenging as we balanced the Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan whilst delivering our strategic priorities.  It would require the Council to take innovative and transformative decisions and it must be recognised that the achievement of these objectives could not be delivered by Newport City Council alone which was why key principles were followed throughout the delivery of the Corporate Plan:


·        Fair and Inclusive – We will work to create fairer opportunities, reduce inequalities in our communities, and encourage a sense of belonging.

·        Empowering – We will work with and support communities, groups and partners to thrive.

·        A listening council – The views of communities, service users and partners will shape the services we deliver and the places you live in.

·        Citizen Focussed – Everyone who works and represents Newport City Council will put the citizen first, focusing on our core organisational values.


The Corporate Plan would also be underpinned by key programmes and projects that aimed to improve the economy and communities of Newport and the delivery of Council services.

Each one of the Council’s service areas would develop a service plan that outlined their own strategic priorities to support the delivery of Newport City Council’s Corporate Plan and continuous improvement of Council services.


To ensure the delivery of these plans, the Service Plans would be monitored throughout the five years and be reported to the Council’s Scrutiny Committees, Cabinet and Council.


The Leader moved that Council agree and adopt the Corporate Plan and this was seconded by the Deputy Leader.


Comments from Councillors:


§  Councillor Evans agreed with the objectives and aims of the plan however there were concerns around the city centre, with the University virtually abandoning Newport City Council. It was hoped there would be meaningful consultation with residents. The conservative party would also be monitoring the plan closely over the coming years, but would be supporting the plan.


§  Councillor Davies stressed the importance to work with partners both in public and private sector, it was a collaborative approach on local and national basis.  The impact the cost of living crisis was affecting all of us.  Councillor Davies therefore supported the  Plan.


§  Councillor Corten was proud that as a council we could face climate change.  Newport had already shown that it was ahead as one of the best at recycling in the whole country.


§  Councillor Cocks supported the plan. Whilst he was not a local resident, he chose to move to Newport as he liked the look of Newport, which had so much going for it in terms of historical heritage and place to work as well as being a gateway to Wales.  It was also a fantastic place because of its people.  The plan held up an exciting vision for Newport and therefore councillor Cocks supported the plan.


§  Councillor Harvey was very proud of the Corporate Plan and urged every council member to support it.


§  Councillor Forsey mentioned that it was privilege to be involved in the development of the Newport Plan and referred to Objective 2, Newport’s Environment and Infrastructure. The Council planned to be a net zero carbon city by 2030.  We were already seeing effects of climate change.  It was therefore vital that we adhered to our carbon reduction plan.  The Council was also working towards net zero waste, with a good recycling system in place.  The Council needed to work with businesses and as residents we should play our parts.


§  Councillor Hourahine mentioned that the objectives would be achieved by hard work and dedication, not only cabinet and councillors but from staff and officers of the Council, who work very hard day in day out to help deliver the goals of the objectives.  There was World class engineering taking place in Newport to support economic development of the city. Councillor Hourahine was please to see the number of small businesses popping up in town. Councillor Hourahine referred to the report, which stated the need to respond to the short-term needs of the community, money must be set aside for those instances that cannot be predicted.  Newport City Council had coped with the economic downturn and Covid remarkably well and it should be recognised.  Partnerships with Local Authorities would help us achieve our long terms goals for the city and strategic investment would follow and encourage the future generations to stay in Wales.


At this point, Councillor Evans asked for a point of clarification, as he felt that Councillor Hourahine had taken what Councillor Evans had said out of context.  Councillor Evans was not putting Newport down.


§  Councillor Routley supported the aims and objectives of the report and the Opposition group would try everything they could to ensure that the administration would do what they proposed within the report and had always supported Newport.


§  Councillor Clarke referred to key points within the report, which was fair, inclusive, empowering a listening council and citizen focused.


§  Councillor Morris broadly supported the plan with his colleagues, it was a step in the right direction.  Would have liked to have seen more support for the teenage generation, who were being left behind.  Would have been nice to assure teenagers of a better Newport for them.


§  Councillor Drewett supported the plan and was proud of Newport and its history and where it was today and what it would become tomorrow.  We needed to work together as councillors to get the city moving forward.


§  Councillor L James supported the report but felt that the conduct at Council regarding the report was not appropriate and intimidating. Councillor L James would had liked to see more in relation to the air quality management areas.  It did say that it would improve air quality but not by how much.  Councillor James felt that she wanted the best for Newport and hoped all councillors shared her opinion.


§  Councillor Horton, as a small business owner, supported the business plan.


§  Councillor Baker-Westhead worked for the National Museum Wales and the National Roman Legionary Museum and wondered if she needed to declare an interest on the plan. The monitoring officer confirmed that she did not need to declare an interest.


§  Councillor Fouweather supported the corporate plan and felt that there was talent across the city and needed that talent to work with us. We should work together the get this plan on the move.


§  Councillor Whitehead supported the corporate plan.  Councillor Whitehead felt that Councillor L James raised some important points.


§  Councillor Forsey raised a point of clarification under Objective 2, item 5, transform Newport’s


highways and transport system to improve air quality, therefore there was a commitment.


§  The Leader thanked everyone for their input and was encouraged to see that so many councillors were engaged with the corporate plan.  The importance the economic partnerships would play in this plan and the support for businesses.  Colleagues could track these objectives through the Scrutiny Committees and hold cabinet to account. This was an ambitious plan which residents of Newport deserved.  There was also an important that there were 51 councillors who were the council collectively and all had an ethical and moral obligation to citizens, as well as being accountable to them.


The motion to adopt the Corporate Plan was put to the vote and carried unanimously.



Council adopted the Council’s Corporate Plan for 2022-27.

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