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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.


Information about Cabinet

The Cabinet is made up of the Leader of the Council and up to nine Cabinet Members (incl. the Deputy Leader).


The Leader of the Council is elected by the Council who then selects their Cabinet Members for appointment by Council. Each Cabinet Member has responsibility for a specific portfolio of the Council's services and policies, which is assigned by the Leader.

The Cabinet is the main decision making body of the Council and is responsible for implementing the budgetary and policy framework of the Council. Some key matters, such as setting the budget and council tax annually, remain a matter for the Council to decide.

Cabinet meetings are held usually on a monthly basis (excluding August) and are chaired by the Leader. Meetings are open to the public except when personal or confidential matters are being discussed.

Decisions are taken collectively by the Cabinet at the meeting, which are then published in a decision register following the meeting. Copies of the agendas, reports, decision registers and minutes of Cabinet meetings can be found on the Council’s website


Future reports to be considered at Cabinet meetings are scheduled in the Cabinet’s Forward Plan.