2024/27: NCC/NCH Shareholder Status, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Monday, 8th July, 2024

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Question to the Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning : 2024/27 - NCC/NCH Shareholder Status


Councillor M Howells asked:


You will no doubt be aware that Newport City Homes (‘NCH’) is currently looking to merge with Melin Homes Housing Association. Prior to 2007, Newport City Council owned circa 8000 social rented homes across the city. In order to invest in the properties to meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standards, the council took the decision to stock transfer all its stock and set up a new Housing Association, NCH in order to do so. The original composition of NCH board meant that Newport City Council was retained as shareholder and could appoint 5 board members (one third of the board). This meant that the council retained oversight of the way NCH operated and could ensure that housing services were being delivered to the people of Newport in the way that the council intended. In 2017 it transpires that NCH changed its rules and removed the council as shareholder and its right to appoint a third of board members.  On the doorstep and at ward meetings I am hearing more and more frustration with the quality of services delivered by NCH to our residents.


1.      Why was NCH allowed to remove the Council’s shareholder status and right of appointment of board members in 2017 to oversee their work?

2.      What is the Cabinet Member doing to ensure that Newport City Council retains some involvement in the oversight of the new organisation that will formed from the merger between NCH and Melin.

3.      What re-assurances have been offered to Newport City Council that the new organisation will play its role in supporting the council to meet is statutory housing and homelessness functions.

4.      What can residents expect from the merger between NCH and Melin?



Councillor Adan responded:


The changes were agreed by full council on September 26, 2017.


The council has been informed that the new organisation will deliver more homes and improved services to tenants and that it will remain committed to working with NCC to achieve our strategic aims.


Both organisations are continuing to work closely with the council through our established strategic partnership arrangements to deliver more affordable homes in a period of considerable pressure.