2024/24: No Mow may, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Monday, 1st July, 2024

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Question to the Cabinet Member for Climate Change : 2024/24 - No Mow May


Councillor Routley asked:


Each year, the City Council enacts a policy known as No Mow May, virtually suspending all grass cutting activities for the entire month. Here in the Bishton and Langstone Ward, although this initiative may appear commendable initially, the reality presents substantial hazards. Footpaths frequently become excessively overgrown, creating significant obstacles for able-bodied pedestrians, and posing severe challenges for individuals using wheelchairs or walking aids.


Additionally, overgrown grass on Coldra Roundabout, and other areas within the highway infrastructure of our Ward considerably heightens the risk of accidents. This policy jeopardizes the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike.


This initiative requires a more nuanced approach to ensure safe movement across the ward.


Can the respective cabinet member engage with us to modify the policy? By doing so, we can support ecological benefits without compromising public safety.



Councillor Forsey responded:


Under the Environment Act 2016, We have a duty to tackle the decline in biodiversity. The Annual campaign helps maximise grassland for nature.


The campaign includes initial mowing beginning in March and April each year, with a specific focus on all highway verges during April. During May the Council will only undertake safety critical areas and sports field cuts, which ensures maintaining visibility for road users, highway signage and safety verges, and scheduled cuts resumed in June.


This year we have also increased signage to engage with residents regarding the initiative and to raise awareness, with positive feedback received.