2024/03: Pot Holes, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Wednesday, 17th April, 2024

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Question to the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Assets : 2024/03 - Pot Holes


Councillor Routley asked:


How does the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Assets justify the deteriorating condition of our pothole roads, especially in the Bishton and Langstone Ward, given the legal obligation and political responsibility to maintain our highways?


When can we expect the presentation of a comprehensive road resurfacing plan, recognizing the urgent need to support the operations of emergency services, particularly in transporting individuals with life-threatening conditions, for whom the duty of care is paramount?


I urgently request that you prioritize a clear timeline for the publication of your action plan Cabinet member and provide assurances regarding when residents can expect the restoration of safe and reliable roadways throughout Newport.



Councillor Lacey responded:


As previously advised. The council discharges its legal obligation through its Highway Asset Management Plan (HAMP). Risk-based prioritisation of repairs, is undertaken in accordance with the Highway Infrastructure Code of Practice and Newport City Council’s Highway Maintenance Plan


You will be aware from the Infrastructure Service Plan that there is a suite of performance indicators relating to both highway inspection and completion of identified repairs, thus ensuring compliance with the stated policies and plans.


For the last full year 2022/23 and at the quarter 3 point in 2023/24, all performance measures in relation to highway inspection and reactive repairs, were recorded as meeting or exceeding council set targets.


At the last council meeting an additional £500,000 was provisioned for infrastructure maintenance, which is important to note that you voted against.