2023/29: Reduce Speed Limit, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Thursday, 30th November, 2023

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Question to the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Assets: 2023/29 - Reduce Speed Limit


Councillor Jones asked:


Last year the council put forward plans to reduce the speed limit on the A468 from its boundary with Caerphilly.  The current speed limit remains 60mph in parts and the proposal was to reduce the speed limit to 50 mph maximum from the Caerphilly boundary to Rhiwderin.


The plans went out to consultation with a closing date of 2nd November 2022.  I would be interested in learning of the report and what action has the cabinet member completed since.



Councillor Lacey responded:


Following the statutory consultation process for the proposed introduction of this 50mph speed limit, we received 26 valid objections that required considering by officers.


On 15th June 2023, the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Assets took the decision, following consideration of all objections, to proceed with the making of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) as per the original consultation.


This report was shared with members at the time.


On completion of the legal process, including Notice of Making, it is anticipated that the Council will be in a position to introduce the speed limit changes mid November 2023.