2023/23: Westgate Hotel, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Tuesday, 26th September, 2023

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Question to the leader of the Council : 2023/23 - Westgate Hotel


Councillor Routley asked:


Let's create a movement! It's time to reclaim the Westgate hotel and restore it to its rightful place as a symbol of civic ownership. We cannot let Newport's history be forgotten, especially the pivotal role it played in the chartist riots. 


The preservation of our heritage is of utmost importance, the Westgate hotel stands as a testament to the birthplace of modern democracy. It embodies the values of political beliefs, desires, and the pursuit of openness and transparency in our democratic processes.


In today's world, where our civic life has lost its centrality, we must act. Let us come together and reclaim the Westgate hotel, transforming it into a space that serves the people. Imagine a place where the mayor of Newport resides, where general enquiry offices cater to the needs of our citizens, and where meeting rooms provide a platform for our councillors to engage with the community.


This is not just about preserving history; it's about advancing democracy. By taking back the Westgate hotel through a compulsory purchase order, we can ensure that this historic landmark becomes a vibrant centre of civic activity, accessible to all. Let us unite to save the Westgate, preserve our past, and shape a brighter future for Newport. Together, we can make a difference! 

What say ye Councillor Mudd, yea or nay.



Councillor Mudd responded:


The Council will imminently be starting work on a new Place Making Plan for the city centre, to replace the current City Centre Masterplan.  Part of this work will involve detailed conversations with all stakeholders around the future direction of the city centre.  We welcome engagement and discussion around the priorities for the city centre as we go through the process of completing the new Placemaking Plan.