2023/19: City Centre Masterplan, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Thursday, 14th September, 2023

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Question to the Leader : 2023/19 - City Centre Master Plan


Councillor Evans asked:


The Labour Party manifesto for 2022 stated you would revise and refresh the City Centre Masterplan. According to the Council website the last reference I can find to it, relates to the consultation closing on 5th March 2018. This is not the latest version, can you tell Members where to find the updated Masterplan. If this is the case can you explain why such an important document has been abandoned over the last 5 years?



Councillor Mudd responded:


The commitment to revise the city centre masterplan (now called the Placemaking Plan) forms part of the Service Plan for the relevant service area (namely Regeneration & Economic Development).


Progress on all Service Plan objectives is monitored and regularly reported to members.


The last update provided to Scrutiny on 24th July showed that work on this objective had commenced and was due for completion by March 24.