2023/17: E-Scooters and Bikes, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Thursday, 14th September, 2023

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Question to the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Assets : 2023/17 - E-Scooters and Bikes


Councillor Foweather asked:


E bikes, scooters E skateboards and scrambler bikes are now a constant problem in many wards across the city. These forms of transport travel at more than 20mph overtaking motorists and driving dangerously. It seems that the police and go safe are more concerned about catching motorists doing 26 mph than they are about tacking the problem of these other forms of transport. 


Therefore, can you tell me what representations you have made to the police about tackling this problem?


Does the council have a strategy in place to help limit where these bikes and scooters can access? 



Councillor Lacey Responded:


As you will be aware, the issue of illegal e-bikes, scooters and scramblers has been raised by Councillors with Gwent Police on several occasions under Police Questions at Full Council. The Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive have also raised this directly with the Chief Supt.


The Council is aware of the issue of e-bikes, scooters and off-road bikes cause across the city. These vehicles typically do not fulfil legal requirements to be used on the highway network. Newport City Council does not have the power to act in such circumstances, so all concerns should be reported to Gwent Police. We are aware through our discussions with the Police that they are taking action in relation to this issue.


In terms of any actions we can take as part of our work, it is the case that as part of any improvements we make to our open spaces, active travel routes or other schemes, the ethos and requirements of these schemes is to improve accessibility for all users. An unfortunate aspect of this on some occasions is illegal and anti-social behaviour in the form of motorbikes using the routes but if barriers to prevent this use were to be used, they would have a negative impact on legitimate access. Again, use of these areas of land by e-bikes, scooters and off-road bikes in such circumstances should be reported to Gwent Police.