2023/6: Ash Tree Replacement, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Monday, 20th March, 2023

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Question to the Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Biodiversity 2023/6 - Ash Tree Replacement


Councillor Reeks asked:


Further to the good work currently being done by the Grounds Team and external contractors regarding the Ash Die back tree felling around Rogerstone and the wider Newport area, can the Cabinet Member please confirm what the policy is for planting tree saplings to replace the felled trees, when this will be taking place and in what areas they will be planted?


Councillor Forsey responded:


The Council current Tree Policy (which can be found online) endeavours to maintain a zero net loss of trees under Newport City Council control.


This commitment was strengthened with the adoption of the Climate Change Plan (2022-2027) which has a number of actions dedicated to management and increase of trees and woodlands. This includes production of an Urban Tree Strategy by the end of 2023 and a commitment to plant 26,000 additional new trees by 2030.


Note: question asks about specific timings and areas, but we cannot be really very specific. Replanting is somethings that is assessed and carried out as an ongoing activity so we can’t pinpoint a specific time – it’s done on a regular basis and measured against the objectives and KPIs of the climate change. In addition, replanting will take place in any suitable location and again this is something that the teams are constantly assessing. Intervention areas such as areas where big felling projects take place, such as along the canal right now, will normally see replanting done in some sections.