2023/4: Climate Change, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Friday, 10th February, 2023

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Question to the Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Biodiversity : 2023/04 - Climate Change


Councillor Mogford asked:


1)     From May 2022 to the present: In your unique role as Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Bio Diversity and in your own words can you list and detail what specific actions and decisions you have taken in fulfilling this this specific portfolio since May 2022?


2)     Looking forward to the rest of 2023:  What examples can you give of any pending contributions to improving the environment that you are committed to spearhead and implement


Councillor Forsey responded:


The priorities for my portfolio are set out in the Corporate Plan and the Service Plan for Environment and Public Protection.


The Climate Change Plan Annual Report presented to Cabinet in October presents a good summary of progress to date.


Specific examples include:


·        Ongoing decarbonisation of fleet

·        Installation of EV charging points

·        Refit of council buildings including solar panel, heat pumps and other efficiency’s

·        Use of street art to enhance areas and reduce illegal graffiti

·        No Mow May and increase of wildflower areas