2023/3: Oaklands Children's Home, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Friday, 27th January, 2023

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Question to the Leader of the Council : 2023/03 - Oaklands Children's Home


Councillor Reeks asked:


We are all very mindful of the economic difficulties facing our council at present, and some difficult decisions have to be made about cuts to various services in order to balance the books. However cuts to social services can lead to significant stress and trauma for adults and children across Newport who rely on these services as a lifeline, including the children and their families who have access to the vital services provided by the Oaklands Children’ Home in Rogerstone. Now that the RSG from the Welsh Government has been confirmed at a much higher rate than originally anticipated, will the leader commit to instructing her cabinet members to look again at the proposed budgetary cuts to Oaklands with a view to scrapping them completely, thereby relieving the parents and children of the stress and anxiety they have suffered since the proposed budget was announced and reaffirming in them the comfort of knowing that Newport cares about its’ most vulnerable residents?


Councillor Mudd responded:


The significant financial pressures currently facing all local authorities has created a situation where all savings proposals, however challenging they may be, have to be given initial consideration and an opportunity for them to be consulted upon. 


Whilst the RSG settlement is better than anticipated, there remains a significant shortfall in the Council’s medium-term financial plan, which must be addressed through a range of budget proposals and service readjustments.


As with all potential revisions to Council services, proposed changes to the services provided by Oaklands, are yet to be formally agreed.  I can assure Cllr Reeks that the Cabinet will carefully consider all feedback to the public consultation exercise when making its final decisions on all proposed budget options.