2022/21: Warm Hubs, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Thursday, 22nd December, 2022

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Question to the Leader for: 2022/21 - Warm Hubs


Councillor Sterry asked:


As you will be aware there a lot of organisations opening up warm hubs within our city, will there be any additional funding opportunities from NCC to support these warm hubs?  


I expect many Councillors have already been asked the same question.  


We want to find out if there will be allocated funding to support the community groups and churches who are offering their buildings for this scheme. It is extremely important that during this horrendous Cost of Living crisis our local communities, especially the vulnerable and elderly are supported and cared for. 


The Leader responded:


Newport City Council has been allocated funding by Welsh Government to support our Warm Spaces work.  NCC will utilise this funding to support a number of warm spaces across the city; some run directly by the council and some by the community and faith sector.


The Council has asked the Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations to support the Council in allocating this funding to support community and faith-based spaces.  Grants of up to £2k will be available to organisations who can demonstrate excellent community links and already act in this capacity for the council’s food poverty work.


There is an expectation that these grants will be targeted in areas where there is currently insufficient provision, as well as supporting established warm spaces. The council will also publicise the availability of warm spaces to citizens on the Newport City Council website.


The grant scheme will be launched within the next fortnight, but a list of all operational warm spaces currently in operation will be publicised shortly.