2022/19: Resident Access to Transport, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Monday, 3rd October, 2022

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Question to the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Assets: 2022/19 - Resident Access to Public Transport


Councillor Howells asked:


Despite the recent amendments to bus services, there are no bus services serving Lysaght Village and the surrounding industrial areas on Sundays or after 7pm in the evenings. Can the Cabinet Member confirm she will review this provision with Newport Bus and seek to ensure all residents have fair access to public transport?


Councillor Lacey responded:


The bus network in Newport is predominantly a commercial one, and there is limited opportunity for the Council to direct services. There have been some amendments to bus services recently by Newport Bus and these have been predicated on serving the areas with the current highest patronage levels and from the fflecsi data they had which showed the areas where the buses were predominately being used on evenings and weekends.


There is also limited availability of bus drivers at this time to operate evening and Sunday service provision. We work closely with Newport Bus in their consideration of services and will be reviewing all services with Newport Bus over the coming months to see what changes we may be able to make to serve further areas that they are currently not able to serve in the evenings and Sundays.


We have no certainty of what funding will be available to the authority after the end of this financial year for funding local bus services but we will continue to work with Newport Bus to improve bus services in all areas within the funding pot that we will have available.