2022/18: Capital Investment in Parks, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Monday, 3rd October, 2022

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Question to the Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Bio-diversity 2022/18 - Capital Investment in Parks


Councillor Howells asked:


In the budget for this year, £2.5 million was outlined for capital investment in our parks. To date, how much is committed and where?


Councillor Forsey responded:


The significant additional investment covers both play areas and cemeteries.


For cemeteries, investment will be destined to ensure that our sites are accessible and safe for visitors, whist some repair works have already commenced most are currently in the process of being tendered.


For play areas, funding will be used to clear existing maintenance backlog over a 2-year period, to ensure they are safe and fit for use. Work will be prioritised based on results of the inspections.


The Leader and myself are keen to ensure the local community is involved in any replacement work taking place, and as such engagement officer is currently being recruited to ensure local children are properly involved.