2022/11: Introducing a Motorway Toll, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Monday, 8th August, 2022

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Question to the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Assets: 2022/11 - Introducing a Motorway Toll


Councillor Fouweather asked:


I understand that the Welsh Assembly is considering introducing a toll on the M4 motorway. Could the Cabinet Member tell me if she supports this policy and also what representation has she made to the Welsh assembly with regards this?


Councillor Lacey responded:


The Welsh Government have recently published a consultation document on the National Transport Delivery Plan 2022 to 2027. Within that consultation document is reference to the development of a strategy for fair road user charging.


The document will be considered as a whole, and if deemed appropriate, Newport City Council will submit a response to the consultation.


The administration does not support the implementation of a local toll on the M4.