2022/06: Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and the Queen's Open Space, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Monday, 28th February, 2022

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Question to the Leader: 2022/06 - Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and the Queen's Open Space


Councillor M. Evans asked:


With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations fast approaching can you tell me what the Council is intending to do to celebrate this momentous occasion?


What happened to the proposal to designate Ridgeway as a Queen’s Open Space, which affords the area added protection from development in perpetuity?


Are the Council going to assist residents by providing free advice and road closures for those who wish to, and if so can you please provide us with the details?


The Leader responded:


I am happy to confirm that we have lots of events and activities planned for the Jubilee Celebrations, including a Beacon Trail where a story from the different decades of the Queen’s reign will be told in an interactive way, and on the evening of 2nd June a beacon will be lit on Queen Elizabeth II field in Ringland. It will be one of more than 1500 beacons being lit throughout the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and overseas Territories. 


A Big Lunch is also being planned and I will announce details in due course.  We are also encouraging street parties in order to bring communities together in celebration.  There is no fee to apply for a temporary road closure and no additional charges will be imposed for relevant traffic management measures.  The link for residents to apply for a road closure is live and available via Platinum Jubilee street parties | Newport City Council


I am also proud to announce that every school across the city will plant a commemorative tree within their grounds under the ‘Queen’s Green Canopy initiative’.


In addition, I am keen to celebrate five specific schools which were built in line with the Her Majesty the Queens accent to the throne. These schools were Gaer, Maesglas, Malpas Court, Alway and St Julian’s Primary.


These schools will have official Queens Platinum Jubilee tree planting ceremonies.

A small number of VIP guests are also invited to the celebration, these include the Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff, the Mayor and Lady Mayoress, the Cabinet Member for Education and Ward Councillors. These official ceremonies will also include the unveiling of Queens Platinum Jubilee Plaques a commemorative booklet and songs written and performed by pupils at the schools to honour this prestigious and unique celebration.


With regard to the designation of the site at Ridgeway, Fields in Trust have confirmed that they do not intend to have a specific open space protection programme for the Platinum Jubilee.  In any event, an application can only be made to Fields in Trust where the Council owned the open space and the woodland areas, and we could not include any privately owned land.


Officers advise that there is currently adequate protection for the site through the Local Development Plan and also through the covenants in place which limit the use of the land as “Recreation and Pleasure Ground”.  Any other use would require permission from Tredegar Estates.