2021/24: Bus Stops in Bettws Estate, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Monday, 15th November, 2021

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Question to the Cabinet Member for City Services: 2021/24 - Bus Stops in Bettws Estate


Councillor J. Jordan asked:


Back in 2017/18, I emailed city services regarding the bus stops out on Bettws estate with some which were damaged and some bus stops not having shelters


The response I had was there was no money and the council was looking for funding again, when funding is available we will look at the situation.


I appreciate that over the past 18months of COVID 19 has disrupted life but it’s a bit strange that a bus stop outside Malpas park school has been replaced.


So why have the ones in Bettws not been done.


1.    So can you give me a date when these will be done?


2.    Has the funding been approved for the new bus stops?


Councillor R. Jeavons responded:


Funding has been secured, via a Welsh Government Grant application, for the purchase and installation of a number of bus passenger shelters to replace assets that have reached or exceeded their operational life.


Installs have been zoned to achieve economy of scale from our installers with the first tranche currently underway in the Ringland ward.


Bettws ward is Tranche 2 which should commence in around 4 week’s time.


The funding received is insufficient to address all the shelters that have been identified for replacement across the city. However, further applications for funding will be made early 2022 with a view to further roll out of the replacement programme.


The bus shelter outside Malpas Park Schools was destroyed in a car accident and so replacement is through insurance reclaim.