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2021/22: Litter Picking on Fly Tipping Road, Formal Council Questions and Responses - Monday, 25th October, 2021

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Question to the Cabinet Member for City Services: 2021/22 - Litter Picking on Fly Tipping Road


Councillor Mogford asked:


Further to my series of questions on the road to nowhere; does this council actually condone this activity by volunteers?


What risk assessments have been carried out for example? What safety equipment is being provided?


What real impact is it expected to have given that contractors are being engaged to do the job professionally?


Councillor Jeavons responded:


The information requested was provided at a recent seminar for Members on June 24th 2021 to which you were invited. The presentation was also distributed on the same day.


Rules and responsibilities regarding litter picking groups are listed on the council website and can be found using the following link.


In this particular case, the Council has been working in partnership with Welsh Government, Fly tipping Action Wales, Gwent Police, ward and community councillors and local community groups for many years.


All such partnership working is fully risk assessed prior to proceeding.