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    2020/02: Funding Cuts to Newport Youth Clubs and Services, Formal Council Questions and Responses
    Monday, 20th January, 2020

    No. Item


    Question to the Cabinet Member for Communities and Resources: 2020/02 - Funding Cuts to Newport Youth Clubs and Services


    Councillor Cleverly asked:


    When was it decided and agreed by Cabinet to delete the youth service and move all youth workers to Resilient Communities as community hub workers?


    Last year, an additional £350,000 was given to each youth service in Wales. This was to expand support for young people with non-clinical mental health, NEETS, and homelessness.


    Across South Wales, youth services have recruited new teams to create this new project; there is one in Caerphilly with a team of 5.

    Why is there nothing like this in Newport?


    Sadly, like lots of money intended for youth work, it is not ring fenced.  Most of our youth clubs and services have now closed in Newport due to funding cuts and for our young people and our communities are facing dire consequences.


    Youth clubs and youth work are not the only answer, but they greatly contribute as places where young people can feel safe and where their deepest concerns can be heard, and addressed.


    As youth workers, we deal with social education with young people, helping them in the transition between youth and adulthood.


    Councillor Mayer responded:


    The Youth Service has not been deleted and is delivered across the city as part of the Neighbourhood Hub model. All youth service posts continue to deliver Youth Work across the city.


    Newport received an additional £310,000 in 19/20 for mental health and wellbeing as well as youth homelessness. NEET work continues to be delivered utilising council and external funding sources.


    9 new posts have been created in Newport to support mental health/ wellbeing, homelessness and youth work, in line with the grant award.


    In addition, the authority has bought in services of a Community Clinical Psychologist, Educational Psychologist and part funds a Housing Development Officer post, hosted by Pobl.


    All funding intended for youth services has been ring-fenced and spent within that area.


    The Youth Service offers young people a wide spectrum of programmes across the hubs ranging from educational support, training and employment, to social and leisure related services. Young people are also offered a wraparound support service with pastoral care, which seeks to address their needs holistically.