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    2019/40: Affordable Housing, Formal Council Questions and Responses
    Monday, 23rd December, 2019

    No. Item


    Question to the Leader : 2019/40 - Affordable Housing


    Councillor Chris Evans asked:


    Dear Cabinet Member,


    Your administration has given money to big businesses to support multi million pound developments. You have proposed giving money to a millionaire to develop our historic market, causing many of its traders anxiety has toward the future and leading to some deciding to cease trading or to move their small businesses elsewhere.


    Will you also agree to support the people of Newport who are currently without a home and on the housing waiting list? Will you look at forming a council run local housing company (LHC)?


    Do you agree that action has to be taken to remedy the current housing strategy failure in Newport together with the shortcomings of the Council’s local development plan (LDP) to provide affordable homes for local people?


    Your party, nationally, are promising to build a ‘hundred thousand council houses’ but only 59 were built in Wales last year and none, zero by your administration in Newport.


    It is perhaps important to facilitate change by supporting private sector development but we need to support our neighbours who need the dignity of a home more.


    Will you lead a real affordable home building revolution in Wales, form a LHC and start building the council homes our people so desperately need?



    The Leader responded:


    Following the stock transfer in 2009 all local authority housing stock transferred to Newport City Homes.

    The council has worked closely with Newport City Homes and the housing associations (RSLs) operating in Newport to meet identified need in the city.


    Newport has had a very strong record in the delivery of affordable homes since stock transfer with 1,692 additional affordable housing units being delivered between 2009 and 2019, the third highest figure in Wales.


    The primary mechanism for financing new affordable housing is the Social Housing Grant Programme.


    For the financial year 2019/20 Newport was awarded £6.3 million in Social Housing Grant. This has funded the creation of 82 new units of affordable accommodation, with an additional 76 units due to be completed by the end of the financial year, and a further 161 in future years.


    The local authority works very closely with its RSL partners to ensure a consistent supply of new affordable housing sites that will allow maximum use of the Social Housing Grant funding to address the housing need.