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    2019/34: Speed Limits Outside Schools, Formal Council Questions and Responses
    Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019

    No. Item


    Question to the Cabinet Member for City Services: 2019/34 - Speed Limits Outside Schools


    Councillor Mogford asked:


    Road Safety should be of paramount concern for this council. Clearly, it is not, as evidenced by the slow and failing responses to requests raised by councillors and residents.


    Could the Cabinet answer the following questions:


    1)    How many schools in Newport do not have 20 mph speed limits outside their entrance?

    2)    Why does Langstone School, despite numerous requests raised, still not have a 20 mph enforceable speed limit outside its top entrance on the Old Roman Road; an entrance in constant use during school hours?

    Given that this issue has again been identified in this question, what steps will the Cabinet member now take in resolving the situation relating to Langstone Primary school AND as appropriate any other schools not having the 20 mph speed restriction?


    Councillor Jeavons responded:


    Approximately 51% of the schools within the city benefit from 20mph speed limits outside their main learner entrances, following assessments of suitability and need at each location.


    Langstone Primary School was identified as one of the schools, and a fully traffic calmed 20 mph scheme was introduced at the school main entrance on Tregarn Road.


    The school entrance off Old Roman Road was considered as the school vehicular access, which is further acknowledged by the absence of any pedestrian footways within the school at this location. The status of this access is further reinforced by the school signage at the entrance that states “Parking for Authorised Personnel Only. Parents Car Park off Robin Hood Lane”.


    Old Roman Road is a typical rural road with limited carriageway widths and no footway provision to segregate pedestrians from vehicular traffic along its entire length.


    It is accepted that 20 mph schemes can help protect children walking and cycling to and from school, and may help to encourage other children to walk or cycle.


    However, with excellent facilities at the main entrance and the forward thinking of the school in providing safe “on site” parking and drop off facilities, the need to promote this less than suitable access for walking, cycling and drop off would seem both unnecessary and unwise from a road safety viewpoint.