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    2019/33: Proposal of Climate Change Scrutiny Committee, Formal Council Questions and Responses
    Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019

    No. Item


    Question to the Leader, the Chair of Cabinet : 2019/33 - Proposal of Climate Change Scrutiny Committee


    Councillor C. Evans asked:


    Will your administration show some real leadership on client change and set up a new cross party climate change scrutiny committee?


    The purpose of which would be to scrutinise your policies to address the climate change crisis.


    Will you also extend a Cabinet Member’s portfolio to include climate change?


    The Leader responded:


    I would refer Councillor Evans to my previous response to his earlier question on climate change (2019/19), which clearly sets out the considerable amount of work already being undertaken by this Council to address problems of climate change.


    The commitment of this Administration is firmly embedded in the Corporate Plan and the Council’s well-being objectives.


    The delivery of these objectives is set out in individual operational service plans and overseen by the relevant Cabinet Members. The policies and strategies and delivery of the actions are scrutinised through the existing performance management framework.


    Therefore, there is no need for another Scrutiny Committee or for a specific Cabinet Member to have sole responsibility for climate change.