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    2019/30: Environmentally Friendly Transport Routes, Formal Council Questions and Responses
    Monday, 12th August, 2019

    No. Item


    Question to the Cabinet Member for City Services: 2019/30 - Environmentally Friendly Transport Routes


    Councillor C. Evans asked:


    The decriminalisation of parking in Newport provides a perfect opportunity to promote alternative environmentally friendly forms of transport.


    Can you tell me what your administration is doing to promote green transportation?


    Will you commit to at the very least providing more secure bicycle racks not only in our City Centre but also throughout Newport?


    Will you further look at launching an awareness campaign to encourage children to cycle to school?


    Ahead of national ‘cycle to school week’, which runs from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th September whereby, reducing congestion, the parking chaos at school gates and harmful CO2 emissions?


    As part of that campaign could you make ‘safe cycle to school routes’ a priority of your administration ensuring cycle routes to school are safe, clear and with plenty of light? 


    Councillor Jeavons responded:


    Through the Public Service Board, the Sustainable Travel Group is developing a series of projects that will improve green transport within the city.  The direction of this is captured within the Supplementary Planning Guidance on Sustainable Travel which has been developed by specialist planning, environmental and transportation officers in association with the Public Service Board partners and is about to be released for a formal public consultation.


    Other schemes include works in line with statutory duties under Active Travel Act and in delivery of Local Transport schemes through funding provided by the Welsh Government.


    Officers are currently finalising a report for my future consideration, identifying sites where cycle infrastructure could be located, including docking stations for possible future hire schemes.


    Cycle proficiency is being delivered for the Authority through Newport Live and will be promoted by the Council and Newport Live.


    Safe routes in communities funding has been awarded to look at routes as part of a wider pilot study to encourage walking and cycling to school. The work for this year is being delivered in partnership with Sustrans and centres around St David’s school.