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Performance Scrutiny Committee - Place and Corporate - Monday, 11th September, 2023 2.00 pm

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Contact: Neil Barnett  Scrutiny Adviser

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Declaration of Interest




Replacement Local Development Plan Preferred Strategy for Consultation pdf icon PDF 208 KB

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-       Councillor James Clarke - Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning, Regulation, and Housing

-       Andrew Ferguson - Planning and Development Manager

-       Victoria Gee – Planning Policy Manager


The Planning and Development Manager gave an overview of the report.


The Committee asked the following:

  • The Committee enquired about the possibility of making street signs bilingual. The Planning and Development Manager explained that it falls outside the scope of the Replacement Local Development Plan. However, the Strategic Director mentioned that it was part of their Welsh language work, and new street signs would be bilingual when English language road signs are replaced.
  • The Committee acknowledged the need for 10,000 homes in the next 10 years and asked about the decision-making process for developing Green Belt areas. The Planning and Development Manager stated that decisions regarding green belt zones were handled by the Strategic Development Plan, prepared by Corporate Joint Committees. The Local Development Plan was actioned prior to the Strategic Development Plan.
  • The Committee enquired whether proposed Green Belt areas require public consultation or conform to the Strategic Development Plan. The Planning and Development Manager explained that potential Green Belt issues were researched when considering candidate sites. They also highlighted a call for potential sites and the consideration of site usage for various reasons.
  • The Committee asked if more public suggestions for sites were desired to meet the target of 10,000 new homes. The Planning and Development Manager explained that key sites, as well as allocations not classified as key sites, were considered, along with buildings that already had planning permission.
  • The Committee asked about the factors determining the required amount of housing. The Planning and Development Manager mentioned consulting population statistics and developing an evidence-based strategy to ensure delivery. They highlighted the ambition and deliverability of the plan, with the consultation allowing people to agree or disagree with the estimates.
  • The Committee enquired about the required housing provision types and their numbers. The Planning and Development Manager commented that a range of house types, based on the Local Housing Market Needs Assessment, would be sought and that assessment would be undertaken soon.
  • The Committee asked if future market needs were being taken into account. The Planning and Development Manager noted that dense developments were being considered to use as little land as possible.
  • The Committee recognised Newport's transition towards becoming a technology city and discussed the potential impact on democracy. The Planning and Development Manager explained that the goal was to allocate land and opportunities.
  • The Committee questioned the enforceability of affordable housing needs highlighted in the report. The Planning and Development Manager highlighted the ambitious targets and the ongoing monitoring of delivery to better understand the reality. They mentioned that if targets were not being met, the plan would be redeveloped. The Strategic Director informed the Committee that affordable housing considerations were discussed with developers, but there was no ability to force a percentage allocation of housing stock to affordable housing.
  • The Committee asked what would happen if  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Minutes of the previous meetings held on 10th July 2023 and 24th July 2023 pdf icon PDF 162 KB

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The minutes of the meeting held on 10th July 2023 were approved as a true and accurate record. The minutes of the previous meeting held on 24th July 2023 were approved as a true and accurate record with the following amendment:


Page 13 - The Committee enquired about the time scale for the leisure centre construction and the demolition of the old site. The Head of Regeneration and Economic Development mentioned an estimated 18-week month construction period and highlighted that different teams handle the funding for demolition and construction.




Scrutiny Adviser Reports pdf icon PDF 135 KB

a)      Forward Work Programme Update (Appendix 1)

b)      Actions Plan (Appendix 2)




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-          Samantha Schanzer – Scrutiny Adviser


a)    Forward Work Programme Update


The Scrutiny Adviser presented the Forward Work Programme, and informed the Committee of the topics due to be discussed at the next two committee meetings:


Monday 27th November 2023, the agenda item;

  • 2023-24 Service Plan Mid-Year Review for:
    • Environment and Public Protection
    • Housing and Communities
    • Infrastructure


Wednesday 8th November 2023, the agenda item;

  • 2023-24 Service Plan Mid-Year Review for:
    • Regeneration and Economic Development
    • Finance
    • Law and Standards
    • People, Policy and Transformation


The Committee discussed the start time of the future meetings, and agreed to amend the future committee meetings to start at 2pm.


b)    Action Sheet


The Scrutiny Adviser presented the action sheet to the Committee. It was advised that responses from the queries made for the Regeneration and Economic Development Service Plan End of Year Reviews were still outstanding, but were being chased.


The Committee sought further clarification about two actions within the Action Sheet:


17th April 2023:

Agenda item: Minutes of the previous Meeting held on 23 January 2023

Action – The Committee requested an update on conversations with Registered Social Landlords contributing towards the Community Safety Warden service.”


The Committee advised that the response didn’t clarify whether the RSL’s had been asked to contribute towards the service and whether they had declined or accepted. The Committee asked for an update on whether any conversations had taken place with the RSL’s to seek funding and what the outcome was.


10th July 2023:

Agenda item: 2022/23 Service Plan End of Year Reviews

Action: “Infrastructure - The Committee asked for a plan to address the poor condition of roads and improve the road network, especially as increased traffic and other issues affected them. The Committee confirmed the presentation of the Highways Asset Management Plan to members in February 2024, but Members requested additional data to be sent to the Committee before that.”


The Committee asked whether a cost-benefit analysis was undertaken to determine whether it is appropriate to continue to repair roads with reactive repairs or whether it was more appropriate to invest in a capital replacement thus negating the ongoing reactive maintenance costs in the short/medium term and what was the criteria used for making those decisions.


The Scrutiny Adviser advised that these requests would be chased up with the relevant officers.



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