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Performance Scrutiny Committee - People - Tuesday, 14th March, 2023 10.00 am

Venue: Hybrid Meeting

Contact: Samantha Schanzer  Scrutiny Adviser


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Councillors Bright and Pimm.


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The minutes of meetings held 28th February 2023 were accepted as a true and accurate record.



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This item also covers the Unregistered Children’s Placements update.

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The Head of Children’s Services presented this report.


The Committee asked why a not-for-profit programme was being explored now.

·       The Head of Children’s Service noted that the cost of children’s care is high and that providers control the market. The Head of Children’s Services explained that Welsh Government felt that through the move to not-for-profit money could be better reinvested. The Head of Children’s Service also highlighted that the more costly provisions don’t always provide a better service.

The Committee queried the definition of profit.

·       The Strategic Director of Social Services explained that the Welsh Government were working on a clear definition of profit and what makes a profitable organisation. The Strategic Director for Social Services informed Committee that the team are waiting for these definitions.

The Committee agreed that significant profits shouldn’t be made as well as reaffirmed the desire for a clear definition on what profits are.

The Committee asked who would finance the project.

·       The Head of Children’s Service informed the Committee that the Welsh Government give local councils a chance to bid for funding. The Head of Children’s Service detailed that they were successful in securing a significant amount of money over the next 2 years, with £2.6 million being secured for the Eliminate programme and another £2 million secured for radical reform.

The Committee asked about children who were taken into care and placed outside of Wales, as the scheme is for Wales only.

·       The Head of Children’s Service explained that children in placements outside of Wales will need to be moved back to Wales.

The Committee asked how children with special requirements get there needs met.

·       The Head of Children’s Service explained that these requirements are considered when placing the children and that the intention was a range of provision would be developed.

The Committee asked for clarification on what ages this would affect.

·       The Strategic Director informed the Committee that the age range was 0-18 years old.

The Committee asked whether the Eliminate scheme include asylum seeking children.

·       The Head of Children’s Service detailed to the Committee that while there is a requirement to support asylum seekers, the majority of them are in the age range of 16-18.

·       The Head of Children’s Services informed Committee that Cambridge House is being developed to create space for unaccompanied children. The Head of Children’s Services informed Committee that they were the lead in Gwent for the provision of these services and once works had been completed, they would be able to offer placements at Cambridge House for regional partners.

The Committee noted that Cambridge House was previously not fit for purpose and asked how much investment would be required to increase the standard.

·       The Head of Children’s Services informed Committee that capital funding from Welsh Government would be used to bring Cambridge House up to standard.

The Committee asked whether any children will be brought into Cambridge House before it was fit for purpose.

·       The Head of Children’s Services confirmed that children would be brought  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Registered Social Landlords Update pdf icon PDF 246 KB

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The Committee was concerned that there were 9000 on the waiting list which was an increase compared to last year. And asked whether properties were being built as social or affordable housing?

·       The question was forwarded to the appropriate Head of Service for an answer to be provided.



Conclusions of Committee Reports

Following the completion of the Committee reports, the Committee will be asked to formalise its conclusions, recommendations and comments on previous items for actioning.

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The Committee forwent this item as it was not applicable to the reports.


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a)      Actions Arising (Appendix 1)

b)      Forward Work Programme Update (Appendix 2)


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The Scrutiny Advisor informed the Committee that there were still outstanding actions that were being chased.

The Scrutiny Advisor noted that the 28th March 2023 would be the next and final meeting of the municipal calendar.



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