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Liaison Meeting with Community Councils - Wednesday, 15th September, 2021 6.00 pm

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Contact: Pamela Tasker  Governance Support Officer

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Cllr Paul Gregory Graig CC 

Nigel Hallett Michaelston y Fedw CC



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Minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.



Newport Replacement Local Development Plan

Discussion with Matthew Sharp-Development and Regeneration Manager


Matthew Sharp-Development and Regeneration Manager presented this item to the meeting. 

Matthew explained that the LDP included allocations for housing, employment, and schools in areas where the Council were looking to promote growth. This also included areas where we were looking to protect the countryside and various areas of historical and environmental assets.

Points to note:

·       The current LDP covered the plan period from 2011 to 2026 and was adopted in January 2015.

·       Since the start of the plan period April 2011, 6,500 new homes have been built with over 20% of those still being affordable with 94% on brownfield land. There was also 26 hectares of employment land that has come forward.

·       The current LDP is over 6 years old so needed to be reviewed. There were informal discussions at the 4-year mark, with the delivery rates in relation to housing being quite successful. However, as it was now 6 years in, there was time for a review.

·       There was an argument that there was a need for more strategic sites to be put forward. Earlier in the year a Future Wales National Development Plan was published by Welsh Government, and this was the highest level of strategic plan in Wales.

·       This plan identified Newport and the surrounding area as an area of national growth.

·       In summary, reviewing the LDP will help boost economic recovery and be more intrinsically linked to our wellbeing plan.

·       A delivery agreement was drawn up which was a timetable for the delivery of the revised LDP. This also included a Community Involvement Scheme which sets out when and how the Council will consult and engage with stakeholders, at what stages, which records to include along with engagement with the Community Councils.

·       The delivery agreement was approved in May 2021 which includes a community involvement scheme which sets out who, when and how the Council will consult and engage with stakeholders including the public.

·       The public have been asked what sites they would like to put forward as part of the new plan. 

·        Stage 3- This would be the first draft of the LDP and there would be plenty of opportunities for public consultation - August 2022.

·       The Deposit plan would then be submitted to Welsh Government to be examined in Summer 2024 with discussions. Objectors and supporters can forward their ideas, and this encourages engagement. 

·       Eventually the inspectors report will be released in 2025 and that would then be adopted as the new plan. It was a long process, so engagement was important.

Next Stages:

Next step would be engaging with key stakeholders to find out what the aspirations were, with a variety of scenarios and growth options and these would be shared with the public to identify the level of growth in Newport to be achieved; the current LDP sets out a housing target of 10,000 new dwellings.

·       Village Boundary Assessments would also be looked at soon. Within the urban boundary there were community facilities and development which was acceptable in principle,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Volunteer Litter Picking

Discussion with Christine Thomas- Trade and Enforcement Manager


Public Spaces Protection Orders


The Trade Enforcement Manager stated that they were happy to address the points made at the last meeting and answer any questions.

In relation to the bag collections and refusal to collect in certain areas mentioned in the second paragraph of the minutes, this was regarding the many tyres that had to be removed from the area.

The Trade Enforcement Manager explained that it was not that the team did not want to collect but it was a not a statutory duty and there were also processes in place for collection that needed to be followed. However, the team wanted to support the volunteers and work with them. If the matter involved private land, there were processes in place for enforcement action and working with the landowner to ensure that the waste was cleared from the landowner’s site and the team did this very closely alongside Keep Wales Tidy.

It was explained that during COVID where it was realised that a lot of people spent a lot more time out litter picking, and the team adapted very quickly to help meet that as best as they could, given the limited resources that they had. Their priority had to be the frontline service, which was refuse collection, but they managed to get a process in place to support the volunteers.

The Trade Enforcement Manager acknowledged that it was perhaps difficult for volunteers to identify land types and the team could assist with that to help volunteers know whether it's something they can support or whether it should go onto contact with the landowner to make sure they were compliant.

The ditch previously mentioned was not Council owned as it was private and so if the council was collecting from private ditches, then this would be disposed of as municipal waste. With regards to disposing of tyres the team did not have a facility or a license on site to do those, so ultimately, it was the public then that pays for the disposal of the landowner’s tyres via the municipal waste stream of Newport City Council.


It was also discussed from the minutes of the previous meeting about bag collection and the Trade Enforcement Manager wanted to support this but remarked on 50 bags stacked on the corner of a 50 mile an hour road, which required the team to remove them, was not acceptable as traffic management would need to be used and this is very expensive as the team wanted to work safely.

It was mentioned that communication was key and if there was a large litter pick planned it was maybe best to inform the Council of this as well as Keep Wales Tidy, as it was important for volunteers to work safely.

The Marshfield representative stated that they had attended a Keep Wales Tidy session where they had learned that a new project Caru Cymru had started, promoting working with litter pickers and the local authorities. There also needed to be better communication from both sides.

Matthew  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


General Communication


The Wentlooge representative stated that the call centre does not come back to them and there was difficulty in getting help which was frustrating. It was explained that they wanted to speak to someone about a missed rubbish collection and the call centre operator explained that there was no one to speak to and to leave the rubbish out for another 48 hours but residents were making complaints about waste on the road.  It was also suggested by the operator that the waste could be taken to the recycling centre but that everyone in the street would have to make an individual booking.

It was felt that this could be avoided with more 2-way contact and for more help sources to be provided.

The Chair stated that this information could be fed back to Paul Jones Head of Service and Kerry Foot Customer Services Manager. 

The Wentlooge representative explained that Covid highlighted that people knock at the door to complain about various issues but it was difficult to feedback to them with an answer.

The Marshfield representative stated that they had reported lots of incidents on the app where it was promised that they would be contacted in 5 working days. However, this has not happened at any time.

The Chair recommended that the Governance Support Officer could request a representative from customer services to attend a future meeting to talk to the councils about these issues.




Any Other Business


The Marshfield representative stated that there have been a couple of issues that the clerk wrote in about which was sent to Highways and other departments but there was no response. The Chair confirmed that the community council clerks could get in touch with the Governance support officer if there was a problem with communication but could not deal with individual complaints.

The Langstone representative asked if there was an officer directory for community clerks.

The Chair confirmed that there was not a directory as people were encouraged to go through the contact centre and that there was an internal phone book, but this was for staff use only. It was difficult to give individual contact details within particular service areas as everything was channelled through the contact centre.

The Marshfield representative stated that it was mentioned in the last meeting around enforcement in the area, but the community council have set up a meeting with Matthew and Neil Gunther in October which clarified that point in the minutes.

The Marshfield representative mentioned the condition of the A48 from the LG plant to the border boundary with Cardiff and whether there were any impending plans to improve this stretch of road.

The Chair confirmed that this would be noted and passed on to city services.




Date of the Next Meeting

9 December 2021 at 6pm


9 December 2021 at 6pm