Agenda and minutes

AGM, Council - Tuesday, 14th May, 2019 5.00 pm

Venue: Council Chambers - Civic Centre. View directions

Contact: Eleanor Mulligan  Head of Democratic Services


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Declarations of Interest

Additional documents:





Additional documents:


The Mayor noted the sad passing of Councillor Chris Evans’s Mother and offered the family the Council’s thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.


Appointment of the Leader of the Council

To make an appointment to the post of Leader of the Council.


The Leader as elected may then announce his or her appointments of Cabinet Members if he or she wishes.

Additional documents:


Councillor Debbie Wilcox was unanimously appointed as Leader of the Council.


The Leader announced her Cabinet as follows:





Leader and Chair of Cabinet


Cllr Debbie Wilcox

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Equalities and Assets

Cllr Mark Whitcutt

Cabinet Member for Education and Skills


Cllr Gail Giles

Cabinet Member for Social Services


Cllr Paul Cockeram

Cabinet Member for City Services


Cllr Roger Jeavons

Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Housing


Cllr Jane Mudd

Cabinet Member for Licensing and Regulation


Cllr Ray Truman

Cabinet Member for Community and Resources


Cllr David Mayer

Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, and Business Manager

Cllr Deb Harvey


Opposition Spokespersons


Councillor Matthew Evans announced that he would act as Leader of the Opposition.  Opposition spokespersons were announced as follows:




Leader of the Opposition

Cllr Matthew Evans

Deputy Leader and Social Services

Cllr David Williams

Business Manager and Licensing and Regulation

Cllr David Fouweather

Education and Skills

Cllr Joan Watkins


Cllr Richard White

Regeneration and Housing

Cllr Martyn Kellaway

Community and Resources

Cllr Ray Mogford


Cllr Charles Ferris

Assets, Equalities and Member Development

Cllr Tom Suller



Appointment of Chairs of Committees

To appoint chairs to the Planning and Licensing Committees; Scrutiny Committees and the Democratic Services Committees.

Additional documents:


Following nominations by the Leaders of their respective parties, the following Committee Chair appointments were agreed by the Council:


Planning Committee


Cllr John Richards

Licensing Committee


Cllr Deb Davies

Democratic Services Committee


Cllr David Fouweather

Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee


Cllr Laura Lacey

Performance Scrutiny Committee – People


Cllr David Williams

Performance Scrutiny Committee – Place and Corporate


Cllr Chris Evans

Performance Scrutiny Committee – Partnerships


Cllr Majid Rahman


(The nominated persons declared an interest in this item and did not vote on the specific appointments.)



Appointments to Committees pdf icon PDF 64 KB

To give effect to appointments of members to committees by the political groups.

Additional documents:


Each Group Leader agreed to pass the appointments of members to the Committee to the Proper Officer for recording in the minutes. (Attachment 1)


Appointments to External Bodies pdf icon PDF 65 KB

To give effect to appointments of members to external bodies.

Additional documents:


Each Group Leaders agreed to pass the appointments to Outside Bodies and Members with Special Responsibilities to the Proper Officer for recording in the minutes. (Attachment 2)


In addition, the following School Governor Appointments were included:


Governing Body




Caerleon Comprehensive


Mr John Parfitt and Councillor Ray Mogford

Marshfield Primary


Brian Miles





Election of the Mayor

To elect a Mayor for the municipal year 2019-20

Additional documents:


It was proposed by Councillor Wilcox, and seconded by Councillor M Evans and unanimously




That Councillor William J Routley be elected as the Mayor of the City of Newport for the next year. Councillor Routley, having made and subscribed the Declaration of Officer and taken the Office Oath and Oath of Allegiance, expressed thanks for the honour conferred upon him.


Vote of thanks


It was proposed by the Mayor and Seconded by Councillor Wilcox unanimously




That the Council’s thanks be given to Councillor Linton and Mrs Linton for the manner in which they had discharged their duties as Mayor and Mayoress.




The outgoing mayor thanked everyone who had supported him during him time as Mayor, including his family, friends and colleagues in the Council.  Particular thanks were given to those who has supported his chosen charities through events and other fundraising activities that had been held throughout the year. The Mayor highlighted some of the successful events that had taken place including the Golf Day.


Appointment of the Deputy Mayor

To appoint a Deputy Mayor for the municipal year 2019-20

Additional documents:


It was proposed by the Mayor, seconded by Councillor M Evans, and unanimously




That Councillor Charles Ferris be appointed Deputy Mayor for the ensuring year. Councillor Ferris, having made and subscribed to the Declaration of Acceptance for the role of Deputy Mayor, expressed thanks for his appointment.